Historic Environment Record

Public Access to Historic Environment Record and Maritime Data

Tees Archaeology maintains a record (the Historic Environment Record, or HER) of all the known archaeological sites and historic buildings in Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees.

The HER is a digital record based on a database and a Geographical Information System (GIS), and includes many different types of site, from occasional finds of coins and pottery to World War II pillboxes and medieval villages.

The digital HER is supported by a large archive of sources, including books, reports, maps, historic photographs, aerial photographs and our archaeological archive.

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If you have any questions in relation to HER, please contact a member of our team via email at teesarchaeology@hartlepool.gov.uk or complete the form on our Contact page.

HER includes large sites such as the earthwork remains of deserted medieval villages to finds of small artefacts such as sherds of pottery. Even the most insignificant looking finds can be important – a few flint tools might be all that is left of a prehistoric camp.

Finds don’t have to be thousands or even hundreds of years old to be recorded; there are many records of sites dating back only a few decades, such as the wide variety of World War II pill boxes in the area.

If you are interested in finding out more about the history of a particular site or area we can search the database and provide you with the relevant records. But please remember the HER is a summary record and does not necessarily hold all the information that might be available for a particular site. Nor is the HER ever ‘finished’ – we are constantly adding new sites and new information to the database – so do let us know if you think you‘ve found something interesting!


Please remember the HER is constantly being revised and updated, and some records may be incomplete or out of date.

The online version of the HER currently provides basic details of each site including the HER number, site name, type of site, location and period. Fuller descriptions of each site are held in our database but are not currently online. If you would like more information on individual records please contact us at teesarchaeology@hartlepool.gov.uk with the HER numbers in which you are interested.

Sites on the HER are often on private land and not necessarily accessible to the public. Some are are protected by law from any disturbance or damage.

In addition, this data should in no circumstances be used for the preparation of documents relating to planning applications – companies requiring a HER search must contact Tees Archaeology directly to obtain complete and up to date records for their search area. Please complete the HER Search Request Form.