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Monograph Series

The following archaeological monographs are available.


Stainmore Monograph Cover

Vol. 1:

Stainmore The Archaeology of a North Pennine Pass


Blaise Vyner (2001)

£15 (+ £6 p&p)


Hartlepool Submerged Forest Monograph Cover

Vol. 2:

Archaeology and Environment of Submerged Landscapes in Hartlepool Bay , England

Mags Waughman (2005)


£15 (+ £6 p&p)

Anglo-Saxon Hartlepool Monograph Cover

Vol. 3:

Anglo-Saxon Hartlepool and the Foundations of English Christianity

Robin Daniels (2007)


£15 (+ £6 p&p)

Medieval Hartlepool Monograph Cover

Vol. 4:

Hartlepool An Archaeology of the Medieval Town

Robin Daniels (2010)


£17.50 (+ £6 p&p)

Late Prehistoric Settlement Monograph Cover

Vol. 5:

Late Prehistoric Settlement in the Tees Valley and North East England

Stephen J Sherlock (2012)


£15 (+ £6 p&p)


Vol. 6:

A Royal Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Street House, Loftus, North-East Yorkshire

Stephen J Sherlock (2012)

£15 (+ £6 p&p)

Popular Booklets

The following booklets are in print.  Free pdf versions of most of the booklets are available on our Downloads page.


Hunting the Hunter-Gatherers: Mesolithic Teesside


Peter Rowe (2015)

£2.50 (+ 60p p&p)

Hartlepool at War Cover


Hartlepool at War: World War II Defences at High Throston and Cemetery Crossroads


Peter Rowe (2013)

£2.50 (+ 60p p&p)

World War II Booklet Cover


The Home Front: Teesside Defences During World War II


Gary Green (2006)

£2.00 (+ 60p p&p)


Iron Age Booklet Cover

Archaeological Booklet 2:

Iron Age Teesside

Tees Archaeology (2002)


£1 (+ 60p p&p)

Roman Booklet Cover

Archaeological Booklet 3:

Roman Teesside


Tees Archaeology (2004)


£1 (+ 60p p&p)

Viking Booket Cover

Archaeological Booklet 4:

Vikings on Teesside


Tees Archaeology (2005)


£1 (+ 60p p&p)

Medieval Booklet Cover

Archaeological Booklet 5:

Medieval Teesside


Tees Archaeology (2006)


£1 (+ 60p p&p)


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