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Skelton Townscape Heritage Scheme

Skelton has been successful in gaining lottery funding for a township heritage scheme. As part of this scheme Tees Archaeology is working with Skelton History Group on a building recording project, an investigation of an earthwork complex and an oral history project.




‘Snapshot in Time’ recorded the buildings of the historic core of Skelton as they exist at the moment. Over four years a team of volunteers recorded the buildings at the centre of Skelton to create a digital archive of the settlement. The project was completed in 2019. A short report can be found here.

An oral history project is being led by Skelton History Group and supported by Tees Archaeology. This will interview at least six people to record aspects of the changes that have taken place at Skelton over recent decades.








Boroughgate is an area of earthworks at the western end of Skelton opposite the castle and old church. These are thought to be the remains of an unsuccessful attempt by the Brus family to found a town at the gates of the castle.

Earthworks at Boroughgate, Skelton

Tees Archaeology and a team of volunteers carried out geophysical survey, earthwork survey and excavation between 2016 and 2018. A report on the geophysical and earthwork survey is available here. The report on the excavations can be found here. The Medieval Skelton report can be found here.

Earthwork survey at Boroughgate, Skelton




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